Microsoft Azure

Why Microsoft Azure?

"We needed to complete a hybrid cloud deployment and Azure was the best choice. Azure is very flexible and you only have to pay for what you use. With Azure, we can connect with everyone to work better and work from anywhere, even when disaster strikes (for example, Hurricane Matthew)." - Tim Roop, IT Manager, Peoplease

Azure Virtual Machines

Run your business workloads without the added costs of infrastructure, management and maintenance. Pay for only what you use, when you need it and avoid paying for unused infrastructure.

Azure Backup

Simple, cost-effective, local and cloud Backups for on-premises and cloud workloads. With Azure Backup, you can back up a single workload, a single database or your entire business with both on-premises and Cloud copies.

Azure Site Recovery

Ditch the DR site costs and pay only for what you use. With Azure Site Recovery, your business can have the DR capabilities of a enterprise organization at a fraction of the cost.

Azure App Service

Eliminate management costs, Scale as you grow and focus on your apps - not your servers. With Azure App Service you can take advantage of enterprise grade security and integrations that will have your website or application online in minutes.

XenApp Express Cloud Desktops

Protect your business information, keep information safe and work from anywhere by running desktops in the cloud. Powered by Citrix HDX, Virtual Desktops have never been easier to deploy.

Operations Management

Leverage the power of the Cloud to manage, automate and validate the health of both your on-premises and Cloud based workloads. Gain the insight into changes, risks and health in minutes with one click Health Checks, Alerts, and Azure Automation.