don’t let roadblocks slow you down

we focus on supporting your business so you can focus on running it.

With the limitless capability the cloud brings, your business needs the flexibility to engage expertise on a wide range of technology to ensure you are optimized, secure and ready to support your customers. We focus on every potential roadblock so you can make sure everything runs smoothly.

Partner with eGroup to manage your cloud

add experts without expanding your team.

  1. Gain the advantage of cloud computing without having to become experts.
  2. Focus on your core products and applications instead of the infrastructure that supports them.
  3. Leverage 8x5 or 24x7x365 support with technical resources available when you need them.

We keep your data and systems safe, secure, available and resilient.

With decades of experience, we’ve delivered speed and certainty with Cloud and Data Center initiatives to organizations of all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of industries.

The Path To Stress Free Management.


The eGroup team will assess your existing environment to map your optimal course to the cloud.


Move and improve your cloud-ready workloads and take advantage of the capabilities today.


Understand how you can replace systems with services and reduce management and operational costs.


eGroup will diligently oversee daily tasks that are associated with running your environment in the Azure Cloud. We will manage the continuous complexity so you don’t have to, optimizing your environment to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

We Offer
Three Types
of Managed

support only

Access to eGroup expertise on a per-incident basis to get the support you need, when you need it.

managed azure

eGroup experts manage your Azure Active Directory and subscriptions, ensuring your access is secured and your subscriptions are optimized.

managed virtual machines

eGroup experts manage your Azure Active Directory, subscriptions and virtual machines, ensuring your virtual machines are up to date, your data is protected and your environment is optimized.

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Explore the features involved in each of our services and read more details about this offer.

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Pay as you grow


eGroup Azure managed services are calculated based on what you pay for your Azure virtual machines. As you increase or decrease your virtual machine count, the cost for managed services fluctuates accordingly, keeping in line with your cloud costs on a monthly basis.

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