Microsoft Azure Backup Server – Protect Your Data Today

Microsoft Azure Backup Server is a cost efficient, scalable, backup solution that can provide businesses with an enterprise backups while being easy to deploy, manage, and utilize.  Microsoft Azure Backup can help you accomplish the following in very little time (days, not weeks).

  • On-Premises and Cloud Backups
  • Incremental Cloud Replication
  • Geo-Replicated Cloud Storage – Up to 6 copies in the Cloud
  • Cloud Only option for the storage constrained business
  • On-Premises or Cloud Recovery
  • Granular Recovery
  • SQL Backup Support
  • Azure Backup Server is FREE – Pay for only what you use (Per Backup, Per GB consumed)
  • Information is Secure and Encrypted end-to-end

It has never been easier to backup workloads on-premises and off-premises.  Contact your eGroup Team to help you get started today with discounted, monthly, costs on Azure resources.

In today’s post, eGroup’s Dave Strum walks us through how to deploy, configure, and utilize the Azure Backup Solution in his 5 part series on


Thanks Dave!  Keep on Blogging Great Stuff.

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