DHCP Scope Rebuild Script / DHCP Failover Setup – Error 1003

During a recent attempt to migrate a DHCP database from a Windows Server 2003 box to a Windows Server 2012R2 HA configuration, I ran into “Error 1003” during the Failover configuration setup process.

At first, I assumed the Server 2003 database import to Server 2012 R2 was causing it (that’s quite a version jump and cpu architecture change) however further attempts to backup/restore did not resolve the issue.

Researching this error produced few results.  However, I was able to glean some information from a Microsoft TechNet article which suggested rebuilding scopes where an Address Lease would produce an error when selected:

The post also referenced a script to rebuild the scopes utilizing a comma delimited string of all scopes.  This wasn’t very friendly on the admin, as I was working with over 200 scopes.

PowerShell to the rescue!  Starting with Windows Server 2008, DHCP is PowerShell enabled allowing us to pull individual configurations, or a full XML configuration export if needed.  The two code segments below will perform a full export/import of a DHCP server’s configuration, as well as select components in the second segment.

Of course, this does not solve my overall dilemma as PowerShell can’t read the data from a 2003 server.  For this I had to perform an in-place upgrade to Windows Server 2008 32bit to support the PowerShell calls.  My advice there is to disable all non-Microsoft services and startup items through the “msconfig” utility and the “Start Up” Start Menu folder to reduce upgrade complexities.

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