Cloud Solutions that Just Work!

Welcome to the new Site!  We are excited to have you.  We think this is a VERY exciting time for Information Technology as customers are demanding that their business applications work with how, when, and where they work.  The need for team collaboration and the ability to get things done from anywhere, anytime has driven a new demand for applications that are flexible and work together seamlessly.  That is what we are all about on the eGroup Cloud Team!  We want to work with businesses that want their applications to “just work”.  In order to qualify as a solution that “works”, they must meet the following criteria: 

  • Easy to Adopt – Solutions must be self-serviceable by the end user or completely “in the background”.  If the solution requires significant training to realize value, it is not easy to adopt!
  • Centralized – The solution must be centrally managed.  The configuration, deployment, monitoring and health of the solution must be readily available in a centralized portal.  In addition, the solution must adopt a policy-driven approach where the configuration of the solution is prescriptive.
  • Scalable – The solution must be able to be sized, priced, and configured to the “right fit” for the business.  You wouldn’t wear shoes that are too big or too small, we demand the same out of IT solutions.

On the eGroup Cloud site, you can expect to find great information on products and solutions that match the “just works” criteria.  Solutions that you can try, deploy, and gain value from rapidly.  In the coming weeks, check back often, we will have expert blogs, thought leadership on IT strategy and technical deep dives/how-to’s for the various solutions we are showcasing.

Thanks for visiting – we look forward to hearing your feedback and hope to see you for one of our design workshops at your business soon!

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