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eGroup knows the Cloud, and more importantly, we know how and when a business can leverage Cloud Solutions to become more efficient, scale their data center, or easily protect their information. eGroup has over 15 years of experience in delivering Data Center Architectures, Cloud Services, Software Services, and Managed Services that has allowed us to position our customers for success in the Cloud.

The eGroup Cloud Migration

Cloud Business Consultation

You have many options when looking at Cloud Services and businesses have different reasons for utilziing Cloud Services. eGroup Cloud Consultants will work with your business and technology teams to help you choose the right services that will deliver the most value to your business based on your goals. Some Cloud Services offer lower costs and less management but lack flexibility. Some Cloud Services offer full flexibility with higher management needs. During the consultation process, eGroup will help you understand your options and map out your specific needs, enabling you to focus on the outcomes your business needs to achieve.

Cloud Assessment and Design

Based on the desired outcomes identified in the Cloud Business Consultation, eGroup Solution Architects will select the appropriate SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions that fit your business and technical needs. Using a combination of industry standard tools and workshops, eGroup will gather the information about your current solutions so we can understand how your solutions technically work and how your end users interact with them today. The eGroup team will present the vision, design, and value that adoption of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions will deliver to your business.

Cloud Configuration and Migration

Equipped with a solid understanding of your business goals, user, and technical needs, eGroup will propose a detailed configuration and migration plan that is tailored to your objectives. eGroup leverages a variety of industry standard migration tools and processes to successfully migrate or modernize existing solutions for the Cloud. Our migration approach achieves minimal disruption to business operations while reducing migration costs through automation of time intensive procedures.

On-Premises Clean-Up

For Cloud Solutions and Services that were migrated from an on-premises Data Center, eGroup doesn't believe the job is done until the job site is clean. eGroup will work with your team to responsibly decommission the on-premises assets no longer needed, allowing you to redeploy or retire those resources for better use, letting your business take advantage of a streamlined, less complex, IT environment.

Knowledge Transfer

eGroup believes the value of training is not knowledge, but productivity. eGroup will conduct a knowledge transfer session with your team to ensure they understand the changes that have been made to the environment. A key objective is enabling your team with the knowledge of how tasks performed in the previous environment translate to the new Cloud environment.

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