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Protect Azure Resources from Accidental Changes and Deletion

A topic that comes up often in conversations about the Cloud is “How do I protect Virtual Machines and other Cloud resources from accidental deletion?”.  Microsoft Azure provides a simple and effective way for Administrators to do this through “Locks”.  When combined with other administration best practices, like backups, Locks allows administrators to ensure resources […]

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Is Email Your Largest Security Vulnerability? Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Can Help!

What would you say is your largest security vulnerability?  In a recent study sponsored by MalwareBytes and Osterman Research, 31% of ransomware attacks were via links in email and 28% were due to attachments.  That is 59% of attacks originate in email. Traditional Anti-Virus and SPAM protection don’t go far enough to mitigate these risks. Modern […]

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Zerto - Disaster Recovery

Advanced Disaster Recovery Made Simple – Zerto 5.0

Zerto is an industry leader in disaster protection and disaster recovery for virtual computing environments.  With the recent version of Zerto 5.0 released, businesses can take advantage of advanced disaster recovery technology while also introducing simplicity and confidence in their ability to completely avoid or recover from disasters.  Here are a couple examples of how recent eGroup […]

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Microsoft Incentive Program to Help Your Business Get Started with Cloud in 2017 – Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has created a great program to allow qualified businesses the opportunity to engage eGroup certified Cloud experts to come on-site and help your business get going with Cloud solutions.  The Microsoft Azure Everywhere program (expires June 30th, 2017) provides Microsoft funding to qualified partners, like eGroup, to conduct on-site education workshops, proof of concept environments, […]

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Cloud Solutions that Just Work!

Welcome to the new Site!  We are excited to have you.  We think this is a VERY exciting time for Information Technology as customers are demanding that their business applications work with how, when, and where they work.  The need for team collaboration and the ability to get things done from anywhere, anytime has […]

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